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I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this young man just before he is about to graduate from high school. Normally I am either shooshing a baby to sleep or singing and acting goofy to get a child to smile. While I had to do neither for this guy, nevertheless he was fun to photograph! Definitely a change of pace, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Columbus Ohio Senio Photography

Columbus Ohio Senio Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

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  1. Missy McDonald -

    I love them…I am thankful for your sweet and thoughtful vision. Missy M

    5.6.10 at 9:00pm
  2. Lisa -

    These are great! Your lighting is simply perfect.

    5.8.10 at 9:54am
  3. Lina -

    These are super nice – i love tonality in images. What a handsome young man!

    5.8.10 at 11:05am
  4. Andrea -

    Beautiful lighting (as always)! His shoot looks awesome!

    5.8.10 at 7:42pm
  5. Holly -

    These images are perfection. Love the stairs.

    5.8.10 at 11:43pm
  6. Lisa -

    I really love these April – I’m sure he’ll love them!

    5.10.10 at 6:27am
  7. Kathleen -

    these are SO well done. lovely soft colors and natural posing.

    5.10.10 at 3:50pm
  8. Lori -

    The lighting is gorgeous on these. Great images of a handsome guy, his family must be thrilled with these!

    5.11.10 at 9:03am
  9. Sandie -

    What a good looking kid! Loving the stairs and #2 especially – great shots!

    5.11.10 at 7:45pm
  10. Lori Wood Habiger -

    Yay for no shooshing or acting goofy! LOL Handsome kid, and really great portraits of him!

    5.12.10 at 10:18am
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