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This week I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful young woman who wants to become a model. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, and it was lots of fun. Most of you who know me know that I spend most of my time either trying to get newborns to fall asleep, or entertaining a toddler. It was such a change to photograph someone who wants to have her picture taken! She was definitely a natural in front of the camera too. We had lots of fun exploring downtown Westerville, and were even lucky enough to find an antique Chevy truck! Granted that may not be one for the modeling portfolio, but it definitely makes a neat picture!

 Columbus Ohio Teen Photographer

Columbus Ohio Teen Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

Columbus Ohio Teen Photography

Columbus Ohio Teen Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

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  1. Megan Parker -

    She is gorgeous! I am sure she is on her way!!

    6.13.09 at 6:20pm
  2. Misty -

    WOWZA! These are just stunning! What a gorgeous girl!

    6.13.09 at 8:16pm
  3. christy -

    Wow!!! What a stunning girl!! That last one knocks my socks off! Beautiful work!

    6.13.09 at 11:09pm
  4. shey -

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously absolutely STUNNING!!!!! What a gorgeous girl – she is so beautiful and your images do her such justice – gorgeous combination!

    6.14.09 at 7:51am
  5. jennifer -

    what a gorgeous girl, I love the first and last shots, so sassy and beautiful

    6.14.09 at 8:22am
  6. Ruth -

    WOW!! She is beautiful! I just love that last one. Amazing work!!

    6.14.09 at 12:02pm
  7. Stacey -

    She is beautiful! I love the dark rich colors of the one in the truck. Great job!

    6.14.09 at 2:09pm
  8. Katie -

    She is stunning! Your lighting is fantastic!

    6.14.09 at 7:42pm
  9. Robbie -

    What a gorgeous girl! You captured her beautifully – she will love these!

    6.14.09 at 9:31pm
  10. Krysia -

    Wow! What a stunning girl! I love the 2nd and 3rd one, and the car shot. GREAT color and variety to all of these.

    6.15.09 at 6:59am
  11. Jessica -

    GORGEOUS!!! Love every single one!

    6.15.09 at 8:40am
  12. Jennifer -

    I think she will do quite well! Love the variety you have captured here! Beautiful work!

    6.15.09 at 10:10pm
  13. Jackie Jean -

    She is beautiful and you did great, these shots rock!

    6.16.09 at 8:03pm
  14. Jane Photo -

    She is so stunning. What a beauty. Great images.

    6.21.09 at 5:02am
  15. tricia burns -

    She is beautiful! I love those eyes! Great work!

    6.22.09 at 11:05am
  16. Giovanna -

    Gorgeous girl, stunning photography!

    6.23.09 at 3:41pm
  17. yan palmer -

    first of all. i adore you. second, you’ve really outdone yourself here. i recently did a model shoot and soooooo wish i would have seen these first….

    6.23.09 at 11:36pm
  18. chelsie williams -

    hey its chelsie i just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me the pics are just absolutly stunning!!!! i had a great time doing the shoot it was awsome i loved it:)
    thank you again!!

    11.6.09 at 1:54pm
  19. Anya Coleman -

    So beautiful!!!!

    8.3.10 at 8:44pm
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