Teen Photography | A Beautiful Girl

This girl was absolutely beautiful! I had all sorts of ideas for this shoot, but mother nature thought otherwise, as it was pouring rain the whole day. Nevertheless, we had a great time in studio today! It gave me the chance to try out my new gray paper too. Sam, I hope you enjoy your photos!

Columbus Ohio Senior Photography

Columbus Ohio Senior Photographer

Columbus Ohio Teen Photography

Columbus Ohio Teen Photography

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  1. Sammy -

    luv the pictures!! thx a billions for taking the photos!!!! i absolutely adore them :D i hope we can do it again some time!!! ur the best!!!!!!

    7.12.09 at 7:51am
  2. Mary -

    Fantastic pictures! You are a beautiful young lady! Neat pics with very cool positioning! I especially love the coloring on these pics! They are most enjoyable to look at! I look forward to seeing more of them! thank you for sharing!

    7.12.09 at 8:12am
  3. meghan poort -

    Oh.. she is a beauty. Love how moody these feel. Great conversion.

    7.12.09 at 9:05am
  4. heather starr -

    she’s beautiful! love all of you work!!!! :)

    7.12.09 at 9:33am
  5. Giovanna -

    Gorgeous!! What wonderful clarity too!!

    7.12.09 at 12:22pm
  6. Kristin Rachelle -

    These are gorgeous and so is she! Great job!

    7.12.09 at 2:52pm
  7. mollie -

    wow- she is a beauty and your images here are timeless!

    7.12.09 at 4:02pm
  8. Lisa Lucky -

    Very pretty! Love the grey paper!

    7.12.09 at 5:17pm
  9. Melissa -

    What a beautiful girl! Those first two are just stunning. Great job!

    7.12.09 at 6:16pm
  10. Amy (3 Peas) -

    BEAUTIFUL work- what a gorgeous girl!

    7.12.09 at 6:31pm
  11. shay2oo2 -

    okay first of all i lvoe the grey seamless and second of all what a gorgeous model to show it off… beautiful job hun

    7.12.09 at 8:05pm
  12. jennifer -

    shes beautiful, I love your lighting in these

    7.13.09 at 12:05am
  13. Stacey -

    These are beautiful. Her skin and eyes are just gorgeous!

    7.13.09 at 6:47am
  14. Connie -

    Outstanding, just stunning!

    7.13.09 at 7:53am
  15. Zoe -

    Gorgeous girl and gorgeous images!! Love the blowing hair in the first one!!

    7.13.09 at 2:43pm
  16. Angela Crutcher -

    She is stunning! What a wonderful session!

    7.13.09 at 3:51pm
  17. Melissa Rodriguez -

    Gorgeous model. These shots are beautiful!!!

    7.15.09 at 1:04pm
  18. brianne brose -

    These are awesome!!! Gorgeous colors!

    7.20.09 at 2:40pm
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