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This little six month old beauty was all about style! Mom and dad definitely came prepared for this session, and it was definitely worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten five outfit changes in one session! She handled it like a pro though, and was all smiles for the camera. We started out at my favorite park (lucky for us it was some decent weather in the morning). I swear I can go to this park a hundred times, and find something new each time. Little did I know there was a forest boardwalk there – a perfect place for a family portrait! It did get a bit chilly, so we headed back to the studio to wrap up the session. Enjoy your sneak peek, but there is much more in store!

Columbus Ohio Family Photography

Columbus Ohio Baby Photography

Columbus Ohio Baby Photography

Columbus Ohio Baby Photography

Columbus Ohio Baby Photography

Columbus Ohio Baby Photography

Columbus Ohio Baby Photography

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  1. megan parker -

    The 3rd, 4th, and 5th are awesome!!!!! Look at those big blue eyes!!!

    10.22.09 at 10:23pm
  2. Jen Mahoney -

    Oh wow, you got amazing images of this little beauty! That first one of her alone made me gasp!

    10.23.09 at 1:16am
  3. Nancy -

    OMG!!!! You have to get atleast one of each!! How do you decide?

    10.23.09 at 9:08am
  4. Audra -

    WOW!! These are great! She has the most gorgeous eyes!

    10.23.09 at 2:19pm
  5. Kathy -

    These are absolutely stunning! The thing I find amazing is how obvious it is that the baby is very comfortable and at ease.

    10.24.09 at 2:58pm
  6. Robbie -

    I just love these! That baby has the most amazing eyes and you captured them perfectly. That 3rd one took my breath away!

    10.24.09 at 8:26pm
  7. lisa lucky -

    Awww, she’s so cute! Love her big blue eyes! The photography is beautiful as always!

    10.24.09 at 8:58pm
  8. robyn -

    She is beautiful and her eyes are amazing. Lovely location, too.

    10.24.09 at 9:27pm
  9. heather -

    she is gorgeous! love her eyes!

    10.25.09 at 12:13am
  10. tessa rice -

    what a gorgeous little girl! love all the outfits!!! great work!!

    10.25.09 at 1:46am
  11. Shellie -

    Wow–these are amazing! I have to admit that I’m a sucker for pink, so the last few are my favorite but they’re all wonderful. What a little trooper too with five outfit changes!

    10.25.09 at 1:48am
  12. jennifer -

    wow what a beautiful family and that first single shot of baby, stunning perfect! Love the bright fun stylish colors too!

    10.25.09 at 8:07am
  13. Mindy -

    That baby has the most beautiful eyes!

    #3 is so so perfect!!!

    10.25.09 at 1:49pm
  14. Amy -

    Ooh the boardwalk location is fabulous! These are lovely images. What a great looking family and an adorable baby. Beautiful work!

    10.25.09 at 1:57pm
  15. Giovanna -

    Gorgeous!! They are so amazing that if they were of my child I’d have my entire house decorated in canvases of these! Great job!!

    10.25.09 at 4:41pm
  16. Angela Crutcher -

    Wow! #’s 3, 4 and 5 are breath taking! Stunning!!!

    10.26.09 at 8:11am
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