Newborn Photography | Baby L

This little one was just 5 days old! She is such a beautiful baby and I had a wonderful time photographing her. I absolutely love getting those curled, peacefully sleeping newborn photos, and the earlier the better. This has been the youngest baby (besides my own) that I have photographed, and it makes all the difference in the world! It was definitely one of my favorite sessions. Mom, and her sister were so wonderful to work with – I told them they would make great assistants. I know this little one will make her big brother, mom, and dad very proud! Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

Works of Love Photography

Works of Love Photography

Columbus Ohio newborn photography

Works of Love Photography

Works of Love Photography

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  1. Lisa -

    What beautiful photos and a gorgeous baby and mom!

    2.15.09 at 8:39am
  2. Miranda -

    Gorgeous! You did fabulously on these, nice variety, too!

    2.15.09 at 11:28am
  3. Krysia -

    WOW! I am in love with that 4th one down. I would have to print that big. These are absolutely gorgeous!

    2.15.09 at 2:14pm
  4. Christen Rush -

    Oh my goodness!! Soooo sweet! Beautiful! ++

    2.15.09 at 7:21pm
  5. Desiree Hayes -

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! WOW!

    2.15.09 at 8:40pm
  6. Jennifer Cota -

    Wow oh wow. These are absolutely perfect!!

    2.15.09 at 11:08pm
  7. Lisa Little -

    These are all so precious! I adore that little hat, very sweet!

    2.15.09 at 11:50pm
  8. bluebeetle1 -

    I LOVE your bunny hat!

    2.16.09 at 3:20am
  9. Mandy -

    Just unreal…All of them. I cant even begin to pick a favorite because I love them all! I just love chubby babies!

    2.16.09 at 8:52am
  10. Angela Crutcher -

    Awww! What a sweet baby! Love every single shot! Perfect!

    2.16.09 at 10:18am
  11. Jennifer -

    awwww wow these are absolutely precious. perfection in everyone!

    2.17.09 at 10:18am
  12. Stacy S -

    Absolutely stunning!!! One gorgeous baby..and I can’t even pick a favorite image! LOVE them all!! :-)

    2.17.09 at 6:31pm
  13. Vicki H -

    oh my gosh… seriously the most precious pictures i’ve ever seen.

    2.18.09 at 7:11pm
  14. dsr -

    You do amazing work with babies! Your high key is perfect! Just beautiful!

    2.22.09 at 12:17pm
  15. Jan -

    Awww—that 2nd one is soooo perfect! Fabulous work!

    2.22.09 at 9:37pm
  16. Cristina Barton -

    Your images are nothing short of amazing. What a precious baby – I love how you have managed to convey so much softness and cosyness. This is what newborn photography should be like!

    2.23.09 at 5:30am
  17. alison conklin -

    that photo with the bunny hat is just the cutest thing i have ever seen. your work is beautiful!

    2.24.09 at 7:06am
  18. Erika McCauley -

    Oh my goodness – these are so precious! I especially love the first 2. Beautiful work!

    2.26.09 at 10:48pm
  19. rhonda stark -

    oh i just love that 1st shot .. and the bunny hat too! beautiful!

    3.2.09 at 9:15pm
  20. The Artist -

    Awesome Captures!+

    3.3.09 at 5:18pm
  21. Shey -

    have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! Spectacular images – breathatkingly adorable!!

    3.13.09 at 11:46am

Newborn Photography | Baby M and Baby M

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to photography these beautiful 4 week old twin girls. They certainly were a sleepy pair! Mom definitely has her hands full, but she handles it all with grace. Congratulations to this special family.



Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographerdsc_6685w

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  1. Giovanna -

    Oh my goodness these are amazing!!! I LOVE the first one but they are all great.

    2.13.09 at 10:49am
  2. Michelle -

    These newborn pictures are absolutely BREATHTAKING!!!! Great job!!!

    2.13.09 at 10:49am
  3. shannon from ff -

    These are so sweet! They actually made me get tears in my eyes and get baby fever! LOL.

    2.13.09 at 11:31am
  4. Meghan -

    As a mom of twins, I can only say that I wish I had shots like this of my babies! Stunning.

    2.13.09 at 2:15pm
  5. Laura Brett -

    Just beautiful! #1 would look stunning as a canvas! Great job! ++

    2.13.09 at 2:18pm
  6. Stephanie -

    Beautiful…they look so snuggly! #1 is my favorite…so sweet.

    2.13.09 at 4:51pm
  7. Justine Miller -

    LOVE them all #1 is my favorite. Great job April.

    2.13.09 at 5:45pm
  8. Lisa -

    Beautiful babies and gorgeous photos!

    2.15.09 at 8:40am
  9. Michelle Barnes -

    These are just gorgeous! I have twins myself and these pics capture the beauty and wonder of them.

    2.15.09 at 10:28pm
  10. Becca -

    love the close up of their face!!! They are precious

    2.16.09 at 7:38am

Baby Photography | My baby’s growing up!

It is hard to believe my littlest is almost 3 months old. She has changed so much! I love seeing her smile, and just had to take advantage of the photographic opportunity.

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

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  1. Sarah -

    She sure is growing fast!

    2.8.09 at 8:57am
  2. Bonnie Creevy -

    Gorgeous! Shw has amazing eyes. I am digging that throw thing too. Very cool. :)

    2.9.09 at 2:46pm
  3. Megan Parker -

    Oh my goodness! So sweet!!!

    2.9.09 at 3:24pm
  4. Kristen -

    Oh mY I love that first one with that cool blanket!

    2.9.09 at 4:51pm
  5. myoko -

    How precious! Love the light and airy feel of the first one-it is just stunning! ++

    2.9.09 at 5:10pm
  6. Carley Mac -

    awww that first one is PRECIOUS

    2.9.09 at 5:12pm
  7. Kristin Rachelle -

    Gorgeous!! I loooooove that first one!!!!!! What a cutie!

    2.9.09 at 11:17pm
  8. Ellen -

    Wow – that first one is to die for! Those eyes!! Terrific job!

    2.9.09 at 11:25pm
  9. Jane Eaton Hamilton -

    Awww, I love that one with the blanket fringe, and the first one is very striking. How quickly they grow, eh?

    2.10.09 at 5:18am
  10. Laura Brett -

    Oh my, she is a beauty! Can’t believe she is 3 months old already. Beautiful as always April! ++

    2.10.09 at 7:02am
  11. jennifer -

    omgoodness look at all that cuteness, and those beautiful blue eyes!!!

    2.10.09 at 10:24am
  12. melissa -

    So sweet! I love the texture on the second shot! ++

    2.10.09 at 12:56pm
  13. Shey -

    Gorgeous photos!! Love your blog.

    2.10.09 at 2:18pm
  14. Angela Crutcher -

    ADORABLE!! What a pretty baby!

    2.10.09 at 5:26pm
  15. Cindy -

    She is beautiful! Love that 1st one!

    2.11.09 at 11:34am
  16. cyndi -

    Love it, she is just gorgeous! The processing rocks!

    2.22.09 at 7:28pm
  17. Cristina Barton -

    What a stunning little baby! That first one totally kills me!

    2.23.09 at 5:32am

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