Newborn Photography | Baby Coen

Today I had the opportunity to photograph 11 day old baby Coen. What a handsome little guy he was! He certainly made me work for the poses, but in the end he gave in. Congratulations to the new parents!

Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

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  1. Lisa Lucky -

    April, those are so great! I really love the lighting in #1. Little Coen is a doll!

    4.21.09 at 3:39pm
  2. Amy -

    Wow, you do amazing work with babies! I loved looking through your blog. That first shot is just stunning.

    4.21.09 at 8:05pm
  3. rhonda stark -

    wonderful images! i like that 1st shot .. don’t think i’ve seen something like it before .. it’s unique .. and that one with the hat is adorable too .. lovely conversion!

    4.21.09 at 8:08pm
  4. Kathleen -

    awww. . . these are wonderful. Especially lovin’ #2 and #4. Such sweet peaceful images.

    4.21.09 at 8:12pm
  5. Stacey -

    The first one is beautiful! That would be huge on my wall if it were my newborn!

    4.21.09 at 8:34pm
  6. Carley Mac -

    absolutely precious!

    4.21.09 at 8:53pm
  7. Nicole Z -

    That first one is beyond stunning!!! Very original, and it seriously took my breath away!! OMGoodness, I really can’t stop looking at it!! Hugs to you! Great job!!!!

    4.21.09 at 9:12pm
  8. jennifer -

    awww these are amazing absolutely beautiful! Perfection!

    4.21.09 at 9:52pm
  9. Corine Tran -

    Wonderful images. The first one belongs in a magazine! Great work.

    4.21.09 at 9:53pm
  10. Jeni -

    Wow! These are gorgeous, I bet they are thrilled with these keepsakes!

    4.21.09 at 11:27pm
  11. Megan -

    Wow…thats all I have to say about #1.

    4.21.09 at 11:31pm
  12. Dion Seneca -

    Oh I just love all of the wrinkles…on his forehead and his back. He is such a scrumptious little peanut! I love how he fits right inside his parent’s hands in the first shot. Great work!

    4.21.09 at 11:40pm
  13. Nicole Ramsay -

    Oh my goodness…his face in the last shot is adorable! These are great shots and I’m sure the parents will love them! A++

    4.22.09 at 7:56am
  14. Jessica -

    Absolutely beautiful…love your work!

    4.22.09 at 9:19am
  15. Amanda Heironimus -

    Oh, Leah! These are precious (and fantastically done) portraits! Coen looks so tiny and peaceful (the irony, after many sleepless nights, is probably not lost on you…). Hope you guys are doing well. Hats off to the photographer.


    4.22.09 at 10:56am
  16. shawn -

    OMGosh- these are all stunning but I especially love the 2nd one… I’m sure mom and dad are going to have a hard time choosing their favorites! Beautiful Work.

    4.22.09 at 11:07am
  17. Abby Fischer -

    April- I love them! I’m so glad you did their photos. I can’t wait to have you do Elle’s!
    Hope all is well.

    4.22.09 at 11:57am
  18. Cortney -

    These are amazing, very unique and absolutely stunning!

    4.22.09 at 12:50pm
  19. Mandy -

    You do know how amazing these are right? WOW…if I could have ONE photo of my girls like that when they were babies. JUST ONE. Beautiful works of art…I am sure the parents will have such a hard time weeding through a favorite.

    4.22.09 at 2:10pm
  20. Angela Crutcher -

    Such lovely images! Beautiful session!

    4.22.09 at 2:37pm
  21. Deanna Rivera -

    April, you do beautiful work! The lighting and details of the newborns that you capture are so delightful to the eye! I find myself wanting another baby after seeing your photos!

    4.22.09 at 11:12pm
  22. Jane Eaton Hamilton -

    Awww, he is beyond adorable…

    4.23.09 at 4:41am
  23. TracyT -

    Don’t get much better than this! Perfection! BEAUTIFUL work!!

    4.23.09 at 11:07pm
  24. Lynda Coulson -

    Love all these – beautiful conversions!

    5.3.09 at 7:11pm

Baby Photography | Fingers and Toes

They say that for each child you have, the fewer the photos you take of them. I always remind myself that my children are my inspiration for photography, so I still try to take as many photos of them as I can. Now that my youngest is 5 months old, she has recently discovered her fingers and toes. Maybe I have mommy goggles, but she looks so adorable when she grabs them! I had to take a picture of her before the onslaught of newborns comes again!

Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer

Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer

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  1. Lisa Lucky -

    Wow, she’s getting so big! These are wonderful! It’s not mommy goggles at all–she really is that cute!

    4.19.09 at 7:51pm
  2. Jan -

    Not mommy goggles at all!!! Love the texture of the blanket and her diaper cover against the smooth baby skin! She has gorgeous eyes!

    4.19.09 at 9:08pm
  3. TracyT -

    WOW! She is a CUTIE PIE! I love your blanket too. SO gorgeous.

    4.19.09 at 9:19pm
  4. shey -

    AMAZING eyes!!!! So gorgeous!!!!! These are incredible – love the clarity!

    4.19.09 at 9:39pm
  5. Brandae -

    Awww, she’s darling. No mommy goggles, definitely. Makes me want to try for a girl – ha ha – don’t tell Ben, I think he’d go over the edge with five kiddos. :) I hope you had a happy birthday! Miss ya!

    5.18.09 at 11:59am

Newborn Photography | Itty bitty baby

This little girl was my youngest and smallest so far. Mom and dad certainly listened when I said I like them as young as possible – she was only four days old! This little girl was quite the trooper, despite being so young. She was absolutely beautiful, as were her parents! Enjoy your sneak peak, mom and dad!

columbus ohio newborn photographer

columbus ohio newborn photographer

columbus ohio newborn photographer

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  1. Lisa -

    So pretty April! I love these!

    4.3.09 at 9:21pm
  2. Andrea Mooney -

    These are beautiful!! That last one is just breathtaking. Fantastic work.
    Love your new blog!

    4.5.09 at 12:23pm
  3. Desiree Hayes -

    Beautiful!!!!!!! I love these.

    4.5.09 at 12:24pm
  4. shey -

    stunning!!!!! So so so beautiful. What a beautiful mama and baby – absolutely gorgeous work.

    4.5.09 at 12:41pm
  5. mollie -

    these are SO SWEET. they actually made me sigh out loud :)

    4.5.09 at 1:21pm
  6. shay2oo2 -

    first of all LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog….second what a precious little angel, these images are so rich with depth and are simply divine hun…great job

    4.5.09 at 2:49pm
  7. jennifer -

    wow, love your blog, and a what a great session, these are all absolutely precious and beautiful!

    4.5.09 at 3:35pm
  8. Amy (3 Peas) -

    Oh April these are AMAZING!!! Truly beautiful images- how will the family ever choose?? I’d have to have them all- they are only this little for such a short time…..sigh….

    4.5.09 at 3:50pm
  9. Megan Parker -

    These are so sweet! I love the second one! Four days old is perfect!!

    4.5.09 at 7:58pm
  10. MadDog (Robin) -

    I love the second one, heck I love them all. How do you do it? Amazing!

    4.5.09 at 8:49pm
  11. Stacie -

    These are just beautiful! You do such gorgeous work!

    4.5.09 at 8:55pm
  12. brianne brose -

    These are just precious! I love them all! What a gorgeous mama!

    4.6.09 at 12:22am
  13. Nicole Ramsay -

    Oh my goodness. How tini tiny is she. Adorable! These are wonderful. Great memories. A++

    4.6.09 at 5:11am
  14. Megan -

    the last one is super sweet. These are great!

    4.6.09 at 12:27pm
  15. Jessica -

    Absolutely beautiful!!

    4.6.09 at 1:41pm
  16. Jane Eaton Hamilton -

    Wow, beautiful. Those last ones are amazing.

    4.6.09 at 9:55pm
  17. TracyT -

    These are amazing. Every . Single. One. LOVE THEM!

    4.19.09 at 9:20pm
  18. yan palmer -

    um, you’re blog is kind of rocking my world in a major way.

    5.26.09 at 8:39pm

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