Newborn photography is my passion. I cannot explain in words why I love photographing newborns so much, but my love for it is palpable in every image that I create. The essence of newborn photography is to capture forever the precious soul of your newborn baby. The time when your baby is fresh and new is so fleeting. When you look at a newborn portrait taken by me, I want you to be taken back to a place to where you can feel soft baby skin, their warmth, their shallow, rapid breathing on your neck when you hold them. The little details such as their tiny hands and feet, their lips, the fine wrinkles on baby skin just don’t last forever. Those moments are so brief and instantaneous, and I want to be able to document them so they are with you for a lifetime. Timeless and organic is how I want my portraiture to be known.

If you are interested in a newborn session, the best time to contact me is at least 2 months before the baby is born. I make every effort to have availability for newborns, but it is best to contact me in as far in advance as possible. Newborns are best photographed before they are two weeks old (preferably in their first week of life). This is the best time to capture the curled, sleeping, newborn poses. After this time babies can develop colic or baby acne, and that can make the session much more difficult.

Newborn sessions are never rushed. Expect your session to last between two to three hours, to allow time for diaper changes and feedings. There is no need for clothing (unless you desire it) – newborns are best photographed in bare skin or in a cute hat or simple wrap. I can provide all of these for your session. I also love textured blankets; I have many, but if you have a special one you would like to use, please bring it to your session. Parents are best photographed in dark clothing or bare skin as well (I can provide wraps for the mother).

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